It took a while but Amile answered the call 

May, 15, 2012
Everyone has their opinion about Amile Jefferson (Philadelphia, Pa./Friends Central) as to why he waited to pick a school and what in the world took him so long. It’s really simple: he paralyzed himself with analysis. The weight of the decision and the factors surrounding his recruitment took a big toll on him.

“I’d just like to see him be happy again,” Jefferson’s father said two hours before the announcement.

In my opinion, Jefferson saw himself as a Duke player long ago. Inside, there’s a part of him that knew where he wanted to go and how to get there. Play hard, be tough, show your passion and Mike Krzyewski’s affection would follow accordingly. In a way, that’s exactly what happened, only it didn’t happen the way a high school player would ideally like to be courted.