Anxiety strikes new coaches quickly 

April, 19, 2012
So, you’re a brand new high-major coach in a league you’ve never coached in at a program you didn’t think you’d be representing anytime soon. After your press conference, you meet with your team again. By this time, at least two guys decided you’re not cut out for the job and plan to transfer. Others within the building are mulling over a potential departure.

Meanwhile, the athletic director is trumpeting to boosters how good a recruiter you are. The reality is, you’re not as good a recruiter as you need to be since your team stinks and you know it. The buzz from the press conference wore off you quickly but it’s got the fan base energized. In two days, you’ll be out recruiting underclassmen. The problem is, you still need half a dozen guys for next year’s team.

Anxiety is inescapable. The job you signed up for is huge and the only thing that trumps the job are the expectations that come with it. Before you can go big game hunting in the Class of 2013, you’ve got to land some seniors (I’m not getting into jucos since I don’t have that roadmap). Of the seven available Top 100 seniors, there’s only one you might have a chance to get involved with. The others closed down their lists a long time ago. So, you get a number for Chris Obekpa’s (Centereach, N.Y./Our Savior) and call him. No dice, Obepka isn’t coming. Time to hit up the “B” list, which is really your “A” list now.