Johnson, Allen emerge at NC state finals 

March, 12, 2012
RALEIGH, N.C. – It happens every year. Maybe he’s a high-level guy, maybe a mid-major but some senior gets hot in a state tournament and earns himself a scholarship. This year, that guy in the state of North Carolina is shooting guard Thomas Johnson (Wilmington, N.C./New Hanover).

Johnson shot 38 percent from 3-point land during the season but in the last three weeks that number shot up to 52 percent. He went for 29 in the regional final and 24 in Saturday’s state title win over favored West Charlotte. For a guy who’s a noted slasher, the eruption from deep is what is going to get him his Division I scholarship in the next two months.

“You open up his chest and his heart is huge,” New Hanover coach Kirk Angel said. “The edge and toughness he plays with is tremendous. He’s always had that.”