Hamilton could make Bruins D even better 

June, 18, 2013

Dougie HamiltonGreg M. Cooper/USA TODAY SportsDougie Hamilton made an impact against the Rangers, but he sits against the Blackhawks.
BOSTON -- It's always a day that's a bit of a revelation about the next wave of NHL stars. Each year, the NHL brings a group of players projected to be picked at the top of the coming draft to a Stanley Cup finals game, where they're introduced to the media and some players while taking in an NHL game at its highest level.

In the process, we learn about these new stars. Such as, nobody makes Patrick Kane smile quite like Snoop Dogg. When he visited Anaheim during the 2007 Stanley Cup finals as part of the annual prospect tour, Kane sat right in front of the entertainer. He took a picture with him that he still has framed at home.