Mailbag on Kovalchuk, Pens, more 

July, 15, 2013

Ilya KovalchukEd Mulholland/USA TODAY SportsShould Ilya Kovalchuk have shown more loyalty to the Devils?
This is why hockey fans are the best: It's the middle of summer and the questions keep pouring in for the mailbag. I will be tackling them over the course of the summer, so if I didn't get to yours this time, just know that I'm working on it. Submit your questions here for the next mailbag. In the meantime, let's dive in:

Everyone's blaming Ilya Kovalchuk for letting his team down, but the NHL made its own bed with him and perhaps more European players. They lock out the players every decade -- Kovalchuk lost 1.5 seasons during his time in the NHL -- and sign contracts that don't get paid in full. The owners locked him out, changed the rules mid-contract and took money out of his pocket. Why should he be loyal to the Devils?