Will Rangers change under Vigneault? 

August, 28, 2013

Alan VigneaultAP Photo/John MinchilloNew Rangers head coach Alan Vigneault isn't expected to dramatically adjust the system in place.
For years, Ryan Callahan has embodied everything it meant to be a forward on John Tortorella's Rangers. He plays with an edge. He defends. He hits. He blocks shots and, within the confines of those responsibilities, he scores. In the last full NHL season, he had a career-best 29 goals.

He's the Rangers' captain and, raised in the NHL by Tortorella, formed the identity of the team. Now, Tortorella is gone and the Rangers will soon get the details of how different things will look under Alain Vigneault when camp opens. There's questions as to how much the pendulum will swing from defense to offense, but in Callahan's mind, there's no question about how he'll approach the game.