Would teams dump Luongo, Ovechkin? 

December, 22, 2011

Scott Gomez, Roberto Luongo and Alex OvechkinGetty ImagesScott Gomez, Roberto Luongo and Alex Ovechkin make tempting amnesty targets.
One of the interesting developments in the NBA's lockout resolution was the inclusion of the amnesty clause, a provision that allowed NBA franchises to waive a player and not have his salary count against the salary cap or luxury tax. It's a good deal for the players because they still get paid in full. Teams like it because it frees up cap space and provides a reset button for bad contracts.

Negotiations between the NHL and the NHLPA are expected to begin shortly after the All-Star break, and the idea of a similar agreement in some form for the NHL is an option, although it's not at the forefront of discussions.