Who's ahead after Alfredsson's move? 

October, 24, 2013

Alfredsson/RyanUSA TODAY SportsDaniel Alfredsson and Bobby Ryan have both fueled their new teams' success this season.
There are times when Bobby Ryan has a bit of a relapse. He forgets he's in the East, where it's not quite the struggle to advance the puck from zone to zone, where the transition game is a little bit more free-flowing.

"I get to the point where I'm still dumping pucks I don't have to and trying to get a grind going," Ryan said Wednesday morning. "I think there's opportunities to gain the blue line a lot more in the Eastern Conference and pull up and make plays. I'm still trying to figure out the right places to jump and where to cheat, I guess is the right word, and when to look for a fast and quick strike."