The 7 deadly sins of roster construction 

April, 10, 2013

Rick Nash, Rick DiPietro and Jarome IginlaGetty ImagesRick Nash, Rick DiPietro and Jarome Iginla each represent a sinful shortcoming.
Lost in the flurry of activity that surrounded this year's trade deadline is the notion that there are lessons to be learned from the most successful general managers in the game. There's a reason GMs such as Pittsburgh's Ray Shero, Nashville's David Poile, St. Louis' Doug Armstrong and San Jose's Doug Wilson seem to always make the savvy move and, in turn, usually have a team in playoff contention.

When you deconstruct a few of the deals made at the deadline and throughout the past year, themes emerge -- as do mistakes teams should try to avoid. Here's a look at seven of the deadliest sins of NHL roster construction: