How to beat the Chicago Blackhawks

Harry How/Getty Images

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks didn’t get here by accident. They beat great teams to advance to the Stanley Cup finals and one or the other will have to do it again to raise the Stanley Cup.

Since this matchup was decided, coaches on each side have been breaking down tape to figure out the best way to attack the other team. Scouts from each organization started even before then.

So what’s the key to beating the Blackhawks? There’s no easy answer, but with the help of a few scouts, players and coaches inside the game, here’s a plan of attack:

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The Ducks tried to physically wear the Blackhawks down during the Western Conference finals, but all that seemed to do was wear out Anaheim.

“Anaheim fell on their own sword,” said a veteran scout.