WolverineNation mailbag 

November, 7, 2012
ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- We've had our first glimpses at Michigan basketball and we saw a different looking Michigan football team on Saturday in Minneapolis. But what does it all mean? Are these things we should include on our "Thankful for…" lists at Thanksgiving? Or is it time to start wishing for a Christmas miracle?

I'll try to get to some of that in this week's mailbag, and what I don't get to you can send to Mike for next week's mailbag (Twitter: @MikeRothstein, Email: michaelrothsteinespn@gmail.com).

But now, on to your questions…
Drive Through: Is Michigan Hurting the Big Ten?
In 2011 Michigan went 11- 2. Since then, they've posted a 15-11 record and concurrently, the Big Ten has seen its national perception suffer. Is Michigan to blame for the Big Ten's image problem?