Jeremy Hogue's mailbag 

September, 19, 2012
Matt BarkleyEzra Shaw/Getty ImagesThe problems of USC's offensive line had quarterback Matt Barkley under duress constantly against Stanford.
Each week, WeAreSC columnist Jeremy Hogue will answer strategy and USC team questions in this mailbag:

1) Why was the Stanford run game so effective against USC?

The good news for USC is that for a good portion of the game, it wasn’t. The problem the Trojans had -- which seemed to show up a bit late in the Syracuse game as well -- is that the depth isn’t what it’s been in the past. Late in games against teams who are physical up front, USC’s front seemed to wear down. But in all honesty, if the offense had played better, you’d take the result that the defense gave on Saturday. And as you look forward, there is no team that will come at the Trojans as physically as Stanford did the rest of the season (unless they meet again in the Pac-12 Championship Game).