Trojans football trivia challenge 

May, 15, 2014
LOS ANGELES – With spring football out of the way, you’re bored out of your cardinal and gold minds and a Sudoku puzzle is about as challenging as trying to figure out why Alabama’s Nick Saban really hired Lane Kiffin. So here is a little USC football trivia test that should get you through the weekend.

1. Before he became a legendary football at USC, the college and position John McKay played was:
(A) Yale/linebacker
(B) West Point/quarterback
(C) Syracuse/defensive back
(D) Northwestern/wide receiver
(E) Oregon/halfback

2. “Fight On,” the Trojans famous fight song, was originally composed by:
(A) Sir Paul McCartney
(B) John Philip Sousa
(C) George M. Cohan
(D) Milo Sweet
(E) Leonard Bernstein