Early Offer: 2015 key for new USC coach 

September, 30, 2013
The Early Offer is a RecruitingNation regular feature that gives you a daily dose of recruiting in the mornings. Monday's offerings: It’s an all-USC edition after Lane Kiffin’s firing on Sunday. Both recruits and Pac-12 recruiters say the Class of 2015 will play a significant role in the Trojans’ revival efforts, and what can we expect from rival recruiters on the trail while USC is searching for a head coach.

2015 will be the key for USC
While writing about how Kiffin’s firing resets things with the Trojans’ 2014 class, in the back of my mind I kept telling myself it’s going to have an even bigger effect on the Class of 2015. So I reached out to a number of Pac 12 coaches on Sunday to get their feedback. Sure enough, all agreed the biggest area where USC will see a bounce off the firing will be with next year’s crop of talent. “Next year’s a huge, huge class for USC,” one Pac 12 assistant said. “It’ll be the first without major sanctions and it’s a great year for talent in California, so the right hire could really shake things up. If USC does what it should, it could position itself for a quick rebound.” Sure enough, it is a dandy year for talent in California with 35 players on the ESPN Junior 300, compared to 27 on this year’s list.