WeAreSC recruiting mailbag 

September, 27, 2013
WeAreSC recruiting reporter Blair Angulo answers reader questions in his mailbag every week. Have a USC recruiting question of your own? Submit it via Twitter @WeAreSCstaff or @bangulo.

Jason Fink, via @AllCityBail: What is the problem with recruiting so far? One thing Lane Kiffin was good at was recruiting.

WeAreSC: Right now, there is a direct correlation between the recruiting doldrums and lack of on-field excitement. Very few recruits showed up to the Coliseum the last two weeks for games against Utah State and Boston College following the bad loss to Washington State. The Trojans, though, are still in the running for many top prospects, so the recruiting “problem” can still be solved with more than four months left until national signing day. Future home matchups against Stanford and UCLA should also draw top recruits. A recruiting turnaround is completely plausible.