Analysis: Pac-12/Big Ten partnership 

December, 28, 2011
It was announced Wednesday that the Pac-12 and Big Ten conferences will form a “collaboration” for future scheduling that will involve all sports, with the football collaboration starting with the 2017 season.

The conference commissioners described the process as getting many of the benefits of expansion without the hassles involved. In all honesty, that logic makes a lot of sense. There’s probably going to be another major shift in the college sports landscape in a few years -- be it a super-conference or something else -- so the conferences get to explore this option to see where it goes in the meantime.

There’s no real need for the Pac-12 to expand beyond its current number of teams and media contract right now. There are a lot of good natural rivalries that have been structured in the new conference -- plus a lot of money -- and it makes sense to let things settle for a while before looking at expanding even more.