Roundtable: What if USC went to a 3-4? 

January, 17, 2013
What are your thoughts on the possibility of the Trojans using more of a 3-4 defense this year?

Garry Paskwietz
One of the most interesting areas of speculation for the Trojans this offseason has been the possibility of incorporating elements of the 3-4 into the defense next year. USC coach Lane Kiffin promised a thorough evaluation of the entire program following the 7-6 record this past fall, and there are a lot of reasons why he would consider the new defensive look. At the top of that list is that the 3-4 is considered a good defense to attack the spread if you can find two athletic outside linebackers who can run. The spread has obviously been an offense that has given the Trojans fits in recent years so it will be interesting to see how this shift works and how often it will be used. Will there be additional changes to the coaching staff beyond the defensive coordinator in an effort to bring other coaches who know the system? It’s possible. Of course, a lot of the success of the 3-4 will depend on how quickly the USC players can adjust to some different roles.