Max Redfield blocks out recruiting noise 

October, 21, 2012
videoLAS FLORES, Calif. -- There have been many thoughts swirling through Max Redfield’s mind recently, but losing isn’t one of them.

Mission Viejo (Calif.) had been accustomed to rolling through opposing teams this season. Results were often secured by halftime, and starters were often pulled before their uniforms got dirty.

On Friday night, neighboring rival Las Flores (Calif.) Tesoro provided the first true on-field test for Redfield and the No. 25 team in the ESPN 25 power rankings. When Tesoro reached the end zone on its opening drive, Mission Viejo trailed for the first time all season. The Tesoro student band erupted. The sellout crowd gasped. It was the first time all season Mission Viejo had allowed points in the opening quarter.