Stanford wins at big-man football 

September, 16, 2012
This one hurts for USC fans. It hurts for many reasons, but one of the ways it hurts the most is the way Stanford won the game. The Cardinal beat USC in this game by imposing their will and the Trojans weren’t able to do anything about it.

That kind of “big man on big man” football is supposed to be USC football. What do you think the reaction was of John McKay and Marv Goux watching from above as the Cardinal physically dominated the Trojans in the second half on both sides of the ball?

Stanford ended up with 202 rushing yards compared to 26 for the Trojans. One team was able to run the ball, one team wasn’t. The Cardinal sacked Matt Barkley four times, and the Trojans didn’t get a sack on Stanford quarterback Josh Nunes. One team applied relentless pressure, one team didn’t.