Storylines from Wednesday practice 

October, 26, 2011
" Lane Kiffin continues to refer to Stanford as “probably the best team in the country.” After Wednesday’s practice he said, “It’s going to be a big challenge for us. Somehow they’ve found a way to play even better than they were playing last year.”

" Kiffin spoke about the Cardinal tight end rotation and how it can present a lot of problems with matchups, as well as the constant goal line look. Kiffin said they are maybe the only team in the country that can come out facing first and 10 on their own 20-yard line in a goal line formation.

" Despite losing middle linebacker Shane Skov, the Stanford defense has continued to play well, and Kiffin chalked that up to their overall mentality as a team. He said he hopes USC’s mentality is similar Saturday. “We’ve played that way the last couple of weeks, but this will be a big test for us.”