WeAreSC Roundtable 

April, 5, 2012
What do you think of the position switch of Tony Burnett?

Garry Paskwietz: It makes a lot of sense because the Trojans need a backup to Dion Bailey now that Tre Madden has moved to RB. Marquis Simmons has yet to show he can stay healthy. Burnett has really shown flashes this spring, after his return to safety, of being the player we saw with 10 tackles against Notre Dame in 2010. The move to corner didn’t work last season because he wasn’t good in coverage against top receivers, but he still has speed and he can still hit. As Bailey showed last season, if you have those two skills you can do well at SLB. Burnett was stuck behind a lot of other good safeties, so why not take a look at this? It just might work.

Erik McKinney: Moving Burnett to strongside linebacker seems to make a ton of sense. The whole reason he saw the field in the first place was because of his ability to make sure tackles. He won't be asked to cover as much of the field at outside linebacker, but when he is asked to cover it will be something he is used to doing. The size question is brought up whenever a player is moved from safety to linebacker, but how many times does it have to work before that becomes a non-issue? As Lane Kiffin has pointed out several times, not many teams are going to line up in power and try to take advantage of a size mismatch in the first two levels. It's far more important to be able to run sideline to sideline and make solid tackles when needed. Burnett can excel there.