Texas Longhorns: Parker Graham

Seventeen Big 12 players heard their names called during the 2014 NFL draft. Many other Big 12 alums will have a chance at the next level as undrafted free agents.

Below is a list of undrafted players who reportedly have agreed to free agent deals. This is not a final list, as teams are still working to sign undrafted free agents. But these are the players we know of so far.

Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
West Virginia

I appreciate all the questions during our chat, here's the full transcript.

Andrew (Norman): What up Brandon? How have your expectations changed for the Sooners since Knight was named the starter?

Brandon: They haven't changed all that much. I still see a 8-4, 9-3 type season for the Sooners. I like Knight's potential and think he will develop into a big-time playmaker in time … but I'm not sure that time is now, or anytime during in his redshirt freshman season. It will be interesting to see how he does.

Bill Snyder (Manhattan,Kansas): What are the odds I make fools out of the media again for picking my team to finish sixth in the Big 12?

Brandon: Very good. People keep counting you out and you keep placing yourself in the hunt. But …. you won't do it by chatting with me on a Wednesday afternoon, you should be at practice right now Bill. Come on, you're better than that.

Ben (California): Any word on who will play LT for OSU?

Brandon: I would expect Parker Graham to step in. It seems like the quickest, easiest solution for the Cowboys.

Chuck (WV): I can see WVU going anywhere from 4-8 to 9-3. Which do you think is more likely, 4-8 or 9-3?

Brandon: I have to go with 4-8 right now. Too much uncertainty in Morgantown. That said, I'm a believer in Dana Holgorsen so I wouldn't be surprised to see him find a bunch of playmakers, put them in position to succeed and jump into the Big 12 title hunt.

Josh (Fort Worth): How do you see the TCU-LSU game shaking out?

Brandon: I think it will be a tough, physical game but ultimately LSU's overall depth will be the difference in a close contest. I can't wait to watch it.

Shawn (OH): Texas running backs … Do they have a clear No. 1 or are we going to see each one of them get 10 touches a game?

Brandon: I'd think they'll use them all and put them on the field together quite a bit. It doesn't make sense to have that type of talent on the sideline. I have a feeling [Johnathan] Gray is going to have a big year though.

Todd (rich): Is this truly a rebuilding season for Kingsbury and Tech?? or are they at least bowl bound?

Brandon: The league is so wide open, I'm not going to say any team won't be able to do something. What if Kingsbury just brings in a confidence and attitude that takes the Red Raiders to another level? Who's clearly going to be standing in their way? *shrugs shoulders*

So that's why I'm so excited about this season.


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