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3 Up, 3 Down: TCU 20, Texas 13 

November, 23, 2012
Not so easy to find the positives for Texas after its 20-13 loss to TCU. The negatives, on the other hand, are piling up for this team. The biggest of those being that the Longhorns, who were poised to finish strong and possibly get a BCS bowl bid, now have to beat Kansas State to secure a Cotton Bowl bid. Texas is 2-6 against K-State in the Mack Brown era and has lost four straight to Kansas State.


1. Wide receiver Jaxon Shipley was the one reliable and consistent weapon Texas had in the passing game. The sophomore had six receptions for 80 yards. Mike Davis had been leading the team in receiving and he did have six catches as well. But Davis had a ball hit him in the hands on the goal line and he dropped it. Davis has been prone to drops but they year has usually atoned. Shipley is as sure-handed as they come. He continually makes the tough catch in traffic and has become extremely reliable with the ball after the catch.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Forget about the Texas quarterbacks for just a second.

OK, so it is nearly impossible. But just try. Because for all those sky-is-falling fans out there -- you know who you are and there are more of you than you might think -- the thing that needs to worry you, wait, check that, send you into a panic, wait, cause cold sweats at 3 a.m., is the kicking game.

That’s right, it’s no longer about arms at Texas. It’s all about the legs. Or the lack thereof. The latter was clearly evident in the second spring practice open to the public. Ben Pruitt missed a 32 and a 37-yarder. William Russ missed a 32-yarder as well.

"That’s not my area,’’ said a relieved Bryan Harsin when asked about the kickers.

"That’s not my area,’’ the co-offensive coordinator said a second time.

Whether that second utterance was to drive the point home or just Harsin relishing for one second that he was not at the crux of the biggest flaw in the Longhorns is unclear.

What is clear is that Nick Jordan, the high school all-American from Coppell, is still in high school but will be welcomed with open arms when he does arrive in June. Until that time Texas will have to continue to work with Pruitt and Russ.

Here are a few other observations from the open practice:

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