Texas Longhorns: Bev Kearney

AUSTIN, Texas -- The University of Texas system’s Board of Regents went behind closed doors Sunday to discuss matters Texas was unable to keep behind closed doors.

The board met by phone for two hours with only regents and UT systems personnel and discussed the recent revelations of two separate sexual relationships with adult students by football coach Major Applewhite and former track coach Bev Kearney.

Two hours following the meeting, UT systems chancellor Francisco G. Cigarroa and Board of Regents chair Gene Powell released a statement which said, in part, that there would be a review of all policies in place concerning student and employee relationships.

"The review will include policies concerning disciplinary actions and procedures as well as compliance with policies for immediate notification of institution administration and the Board of Regents whenever and wherever policies are violated," the statement read.

Kearney, 55, admitted her relationship nearly 11 years after the fact and resigned two months after being placed on unpaid leave by the university. Applewhite, who is married, reported his affair to athletics director DeLoss Dodds weeks after it happened in 2009, had his pay frozen for nearly a year, was sent to one mandatory counseling session to determine if further counseling was necessary and had a letter of reprimand put in his personnel file. Applewhite’s affair was made public Friday night after a Freedom of Information request led to the release of the aforementioned letter of reprimand.

The board, which was, until recently, kept in the dark about the Applewhite affair, discussed Kearney's and Applewhite’s situations, the punishment meted out and the legal ramifications that might be facing the university.

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