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Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Burnt Orange Breakdown: OL Hughes

By Carter Strickland

During the summer, HornsNation will analyze each of the scholarship players on the Texas roster -- excluding the Longhorns' 2013 recruiting class -- in our Burnt Orange Breakdown series. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis, we will go through the roster numerically, finishing with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 71 Camrhon Hughes
Freshman offensive tackle

Expectations for 2013: Hughes went down a little more than a year ago with an ACL injury. Texas coach Mack Brown says it typically take a player 18 months to be 100 percent. Going by that guide, Hughes probably will not be at his best in 2013. Still, he might get some playing time at the tackle spot in a few of the blowout games and possibly gain more time as the season progresses.

Best-case scenario for 2013: Hughes just needs to practice in 213. He was unable to do all the drills in spring practice because of his knee injury. He will be cleared to play in 2013 but Texas appears to have the tackle position solved and might not need to call on him. But Texas will most likely throw him in a few spots to se how he reacts and how his knee holds up during live action.

Worst-case scenario for 2013: Hughes might get frustrated because Texas plans on playing at least one of the young tackles in signed in the 2013 class, Rami Hammad. Plus Desmond Harrison is coming in and, if he is successful, could lock up the other tackle spot through 2014, leaving Hughes wondering when he might ever become a starter.

Future expectations: A taller player at an athletic position with a past lower leg injury is always gamble. It is tough to tell how the leg will react and how the player will get over the injury. Hughes appeared to be well on his way to recovery during the spring but he has to keep up or pick up the pace because Texas will not wait, as the coaching staff is constantly bringing in new offensive linemen.