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Friday, June 28, 2013
HornsNation Mailbag: Sharing the carries

By Sean Adams

Every Friday, HornsNation's Sean Adams will answer questions from readers. Send him a question on Twitter here.

Daniel Mendoza on Facebook: How are the carries going to be distributed among the RBs?

A: While there is no perfect formula for how the carries will be distributed, I still expect the carries to go by the number to Johnathan Gray, Malcolm Brown andJoe Bergeron.

I do think Gray will get more carries than Brown, but I don't expect the variance to be big. Of course the only thing that will throw this off will be injuries, which have not been foreign to the position over the last few years.

@ckimberli on Twitter: What is [Manny] Diaz's role in recruiting? We don't hear about him much being on the trail.

A: Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is responsible for recruiting linebackers (his position group) and central Texas, including but not exclusively limited to the I-35 corridor between Austin and Dallas.

@Dbakeruiz on Twitter: How does Texas maintain a somewhat successful program with the worst fans in the world?

A: Now that's not nice. Texas fans give the one thing that most fans can't -- cold hard cash. They spend enormous amounts of money on tickets, donations, travel and time.

Texas fans have standards. They ensure that Texas has the best of everything when it comes to resources, and they expect high return on investment.

Jeff Speed on Facebook: What should we expect from Applewhite in terms of game plan as the new OC? [Bryan] Harsin was too hyped by the media because of the success at Boise. I don't consider Harsin a huge letdown (many people do), but Major now has the mature, talented backfield and Ash is no longer green. Can Major score 30-plus every week with this offense?

A: I think, with no disrespect to Harsin, that Major Applewhite will be wildly successful at Texas. He should be able to communicate with David Ash on a level that nobody else can. He played the position and was embroiled in a fierce competition with Chris Simms.

He will call plays aggressively and give this offense every opportunity to excel while varying the play-calling enough to not be predictable. The lessening of substitutions and personnel groupings will help with that as well.