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Friday, June 21, 2013
Burnt Orange Breakdown: Steve Edmond

By Carter Strickland

During the summer, HornsNation will analyze each of the scholarship players on the Texas roster -- excluding the Longhorns' 2013 recruiting class -- in our Burnt Orange Breakdown series. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis, we will go through the roster numerically, finishing with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 33 Steve Edmond
Sophomore linebacker

Expectations for 2013: Edmond was completely overwhelmed and quite frankly, over-hyped in the 2012 season. Kenny Vaccaro told all the media who would listen in the offseason preceding 2012 how Edmond was dominating practice with his speed and power. That very well might have been true. But once Edmond was left to find his way in the real game, he was lost at the middle linebacker position. Now, because of that, he might have lost his starting job and possibly even his spot at the linebacker position. Dalton Santos, a sophomore, appeared to be the odds-on favorite to take over the middle linebacker spot coming out of spring. The coaches still are still pushing Edmond and believe there is some potential there, perhaps even as a starter at middle linebacker. But there is also a chance he could be used as a defensive end. Edmond has extremely long arms and a good burst, two things needed for that position. Plus there is less clutter for him to pick through when coming from the defensive end position. At linebacker, Edmond would often get caught up in the wash and was unable to get to the play.

Best-case scenario for 2013: Edmond and Texas need to settle on a spot. If his future is at defensive end he needs to get plenty of snaps there in the fall and just stay at that spot. He is not the type of player who would excel at playing multiple positions. There is still hope for him at middle linebacker. The confusion that surrounded him on plays last year could be explained away by youth. Edmond now has an entire year under his belt and, with Jordan Hicks back, does not have the pressure of being the leader at his position. If Edmond stays at linebacker he will get the opportunity to battle with Santos for the starting spot in the fall.

Worst-case scenario for 2013: If Texas cannot figure out where it wants Edmond to play and fast, it will be detrimental to his career. He does not have the time to sit around and waste a year tinkering with being a defensive end or linebacker. If he floats between positions he could fall drastically behind other players and never reach his potential at Texas.

Future expectations: Just because Edmond had one bad year at middle linebacker does not mean he cannot or will not play the position in the future. He is talented and has all the physical tools necessary. The problem for him now is that Santos, who while maybe not as talented, is proving to be a better, more vocal leader at what is a crucial position for the Texas defense. Edmond might be relegated to backup status for the remainder of his career if he does not push through and unseat Santos this fall. If he is moved to defensive end, he might have a better chance to impact the Texas defense in the future.