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Thursday, May 16, 2013
Burnt Orange Breakdown: Anthony Fera

By Carter Strickland

During the summer, HornsNation will analyze each of the scholarship players on the Texas roster -- excluding the Longhorns' 2013 recruiting class -- in our Burnt Orange Breakdown series. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis, we will go through the roster numerically, finishing with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 9 Anthony Fera
Senior kicker/punter

Expectations for 2013: Fera was hailed as someone who could fill the shoes of Justin Tucker in 2012. An injury and, quite frankly, inconsistency prevented the Penn State transfer from becoming Texas’ field-goal kicker. So now Texas has decided to move Fera to punter. The senior did some punting at Penn State. And Texas no longer has Alex King. The hope is that he fills the void left by King, who was arguably Texas’ most effective and consistent player in 2012.

Best-case scenario in 2013: In an ideal world Fera would be the field-goal kicker and punter he was at Penn State. In 2011, prior to his transfer to Texas, Fera was Lou Groza semifinalist who had range and consistency. If Fera were to regain that form it would answer a lot of questions for Texas in the kicking game. Right now Texas is trying to transform Nick Rose into a kicker just so it will have a backup for Nick Jordan. But if Fera, who did not kick many field goals in the spring, overcomes his nagging injury and flourishes this summer and fall, it could allow Texas to once again be one of the stronger kicking teams in the Big 12.

Worst-case scenario in 2012: Fera has been plagued with a hip injury that has prevented him from being the kicker he once was. The hope is that this injury does not limit his ability to punt the ball. Right now, because the leg swings, and pressure points are different in both kicks, the injury has not limited his punting. But there is always that chance. Texas does have William Russ on scholarship and therefore might be the only school in the country with two scholarship punters for two straight years. But ideally Texas appears as if it would like to go with Fera at punter.

Future impact: Texas, which will trying out a new offense and, quite frankly was never that consistent with the old offense, needs a good punter so the defense is not faced with a short field. The Longhorns are counting on Fera being that punter.