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Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Q&A: 2015 LB Townsend has two offers

By William Wilkerson

Attending camps like the Nike Football Training Camp can open a whole bunch of eyes and put things into a real perspective for its participants, especially those younger in age.

It certainly had that effect on 2015 linebacker Cameron Townsend (Missouri City, Texas/Ridge Point) when he traveled to Allen, Texas, on April 7 for the NFTC.

Townsend, who already has offers from Texas and Baylor. was one of the top sophomores in attendance. But he learned quickly, particularly by rubbing elbows with high-profiled juniors, that he wasn’t the only one college-bound.

HornsNation caught up with Townsend to talk about what he learned from that camp and where he goes from here.

Cameron Townsend
Class of 2015 linebacker Cameron Townsend says he grew up a Texas fan.
HornsNation: A lot of talent showed up for the NFTC. How did everything go?

Cameron Townsend: There were no scrubs out here. I’ve been to some invite only camps where everyone didn’t seem to be elite. Everyone here was elite. Everyone belonged here.

HN: What did you learn about yourself at the camp?

Townsend: I learned that I’m not the only person in Texas. Seeing all these other linebackers, and seeing how big they are, pushes me. Even though I picked up two offers this isn’t the time to rest. I need to keep grinding.

HN: Humble would be an appropriate word to describe you. You’ve got two offers already with two years left in high school but one wouldn’t know it by talking to you. How do you keep from getting big-headed?

Townsend: Being around my family, everyone is so loving. I really feel like being a good person builds good character. If you have good character I think more people on the football field are willing to follow you. I strive to be a good person and make friends. I want to make sure everyone feels like Cameron is the guy they can look up to.

HN: Do you think you’ve already become that guy that your team looks to?

Townsend: I think so. I do. They all seem to rally around myself and our safety, Cameron Brown. I really feel like I am doing a good job of getting people to rally around me.

HN: What is it about you that has these schools coming after you already?

Townsend: I’m working for it Monday through Saturday. I’m going to track practice after school then after practice I go and lift some more. I make sure I eat right. That’s the main thing is what you put in your body. I’m doing what I need to do, I feel. That’s what is separating me from everybody else.

HN: Take us back to when you picked up that Texas offer, your first offer. What did that mean to you?

Townsend: I have family in Austin so I grew up a Texas fan. Getting my first offer from them was a life-long dream. I was really flattered by that and it makes me want to work harder. I was really excited about that.

HN: Tell me something about yourself that might have these college coaches intrigued that doesn’t have to do with your athleticism.

Townsend: I think I have a way of getting to people by talking to them. Even in the classroom, I feel like I can convince people who just sit around and don’t do anything to do their work. I can talk to people and make them see the bigger picture.

HN: Where do you get that ability from?

Townsend: I think I picked it up being around my dad for so long. He can think about what you are going to do before you can sometimes. He knows what I am going to do before I’ve done it. Just being around him and the things he says, the way he thinks about stuff, I have picked up on that.

HN: You are 6-foot-1, 196 pounds, which is not small by any means, especially for someone your age. But some of your classmates appear much larger at this point. Does that concern you at all?

Townsend: Those biceps are just for show. I do it the right way. I’m straight chicken breast and Greek yogurt. I’m still getting it done. I see all of these guys weighing 220, 230. I’m still at 195. As long as you are still productive, me being 10 pounds less than what you want me to be doesn’t matter. I can get there. These guys with the big chests don’t scare me because at the end of the day I’m still doing my thing. They get beat by some of these guys because they aren’t mobile enough. I strive to be athletic. Not just a big body but athletic. And a football player.