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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Q&A: Watch List RB Starks has a favorite

By William Wilkerson

ESPN Watch List running back Nathan Starks (Las Vegas/Bishop Gorman) is starting to narrow things down. But he’d also like to hear from one program in particular before he gets too deep into the recruiting process.

Which program is that? Where does Texas stand with him? And is the Longhorns’ biggest rival his favorite right now?

Nathan Starks
Class of 2014 tailback Nathan Starks has an early list of four top schools.
HornsNation: Are Texas, Oklahoma, USC and Notre Dame still your favorites right now?

Nathan Starks: Definitely those four. I’d like to hear from Alabama but I haven’t heard a lot. They’ve sent me a couple of letters but I’d like to get into them a little more too.

HN: How much of your interest in Alabama stems from the Crimson Tide winning national championships and also how much they utilize their RBs?

Starks: They show it every year. They put backs out every year. They perform very well every year, which is what stands out to me the most. It would be pretty cool to hear from them.

HN: I know Texas has been in touch with you in the past, but how about recently?

Starks: Honestly, lately, I haven’t really heard a lot from Texas. During the season they definitely let me know that they wanted me. I got a lot of letters from Mack Brown. It was pretty cool seeing that because I’ve known about him for a while. I would definitely like to hear a lot more from them because I haven’t heard from them lately.

HN: Is it one of those things where the more a school shows interest in you the more you will likely show interest in them and want to visit?

Starks: Definitely. When a school shows interest in me it shows me that they want me and that I’d fit in good there, and that I would fit in good there. Whoever shows me the most is going to be my decision at the end of the day.

HN: Many of your favorites aren’t in your region so I’m assuming you don’t have a problem going away from home?

Starks: Definitely. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. I am just going to work, grind and compete at the next level. Wherever I fit in the best is where I’m going to go.

HN: Oklahoma has been rumored to be your favorite. Is that the case?

Starks: As of right now I’d say yes. Coach [Cale] Gundy has definitely been the coach that I have grown closest to. He stays in touch with me on Twitter and I see him at my school a lot. He’s definitely the coach I am closest to, and I’ve always been an OU fan.

HN: What is the sales pitch from these schools? Is it generally the same: early playing time?

Starks: Playing time, to me, doesn’t really matter. It’s something I’m going to have to earn myself. I don’t know if I want to redshirt yet. It is just going to have to depend on how I compete at the next level and if I’m ready.

HN: So the sales pitch for each school is always the same?

Starks: Yeah, pretty much. It’s all the same.

HN: Do you ever ask the harder questions to weed out some of this stuff?

Starks: I really haven’t gotten to that point yet. I don’t want to be too straightforward with them right now. Coach Gundy has definitely led me to believe that not only does he want me as a player but he respects me as a person and wants me to succeed in life.

HN: What schools have stopped by recently?

Starks: Arizona stops by the most. Coach Lock [cornerbacks coach David Lockwood] and everybody. Oklahoma has come through and Washington was there when they had their game out here.

HN: Ideally where would you like to go for junior days?

Starks: I would want to go to Texas, OU, Notre Dame and Arizona. Arizona is the most likely one I’ll go to right now.