Staff picks: Iowa State vs. Texas 

November, 9, 2012
Texas 42, Iowa State 17
Texas will play with tremendous emotion on Saturday. The Longhorns will hear about the legacy of Darrell K Royal and start to think about a legacy of their own. For a game that two weeks ago was being sold at a discount rate, this will probably end up being one of the most remembered games, not only for 2012 but in the last decade or two. Texas will run the ball and will be able to expose a weakened front seven. Texas will have a lot of success on offense and their 'newish' defense will put a lot of pressure on the Iowa State offense that will cause turnovers. Texas follows up the Texas Tech win well and continues to build confidence.
- Sean Adams

Texas 41, Iowa State 24
Texas Longhorns Show Out On Pro Day
The Texas Longhorns produced several eligible NFL Draft athletes who participated in Pro Day Tuesday afternoon in Austin, Texas.