Five thoughts: Texas 21, Kansas 17 

October, 28, 2012
Five thoughts following Texas’ 21-17 win over Kansas.

1. It’s a win. We would be silly underestimate the virtue of getting a win when Texas really needed it, regardless of competition. With that said, if West Virginia exposed to some defensive issues for Texas and Oklahoma exposed team-wide issues for the Longhorns, then Kansas showed all of Texas the reality of what could happen over the next four games.

This is another harsh truth to facing the 2012 Longhorns. Preseason expectations are gone out of the window. Post-Oklahoma State exuberance has fizzled out as well. My father always told me that we have to get rid of hope and expectations and deal with what is. What are the Texas Longhorns? They are a team with some talented players, a high paid coaching staff and a level of play that is not reflective of their talent or the cost of their coaching staff.
Texas Longhorns Show Out On Pro Day
The Texas Longhorns produced several eligible NFL Draft athletes who participated in Pro Day Tuesday afternoon in Austin, Texas.