Three questions: Baylor vs. Texas 

October, 18, 2012
Each week presents questions for the No. 25 Longhorns. This week there are more than a few about the future of the program and the coaches that run it. But there is also a game to be played, flaws to be fixed and FBS’s top offense to defend. With that in mind here are three questions about Texas in need of answering by Texas.

1. What is Texas doing in practice this week to shore up the tackling issues?
During the year, unless it is a bye week, there is not going to be any tackling of ones on ones. The defense will go up against the scout team and be slightly more aggressive with these players early in the week. But there is too great a risk of injury to a first-team offensive player if the defense is allowed to tackle them to the ground during a game week. Instead Texas thuds, or hits but does not wrap up, against first team offensive players in practice.
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