Competition, familiarity will help defense 

December, 20, 2011
AUSTIN, Texas -- Manny Diaz refuses to take a step back.

It's just not in his makeup. The Texas defensive coordinator is a full-steam, batten-the-hatches, get-out-of-the-way coach. Luckily for those around him -- coaches and players -- Diaz has a defense ready to do just that. Because Texas was forced into playing so many young players on defense, that meant there were very few redshirts. That, in turn, means Diaz was more hands-on with the younger players because they were not littered throughout the scout team.

“That is the exciting part,” Diaz said. “When we get to the spring, now you are not teaching the ‘what.’ Last year, we had to teach the ‘what.’
Swoopes: 'We Stopped Ourselves'
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