Three questions: West Virginia vs. Texas 

October, 4, 2012
Each week we take a look at three of the burning questions that face Texas as it prepares for the next opponent. This week the No. 11 Longhorns will play No. 8 West Virginia at home. The winner could have the inside track to the Big 12 title:

1. Is there more to worry about than Geno Smith?
No doubt. Smith can get the ball to anyone at any time. But he also has very capable running backs. Shawne Alston is a 235-pound back who can move. He missed the Baylor game with a thigh injury but is expected to be back against Texas. Alston averages 6.2 yards per carry and is rarely brought down by the first guy. This is a worry for Texas because it rarely brings down a running back with the first, second or third guy.
Texas Longhorns Show Out On Pro Day
The Texas Longhorns produced several eligible NFL Draft athletes who participated in Pro Day Tuesday afternoon in Austin, Texas.