DE Myles Garrett has 'freakish athleticism' 

September, 7, 2012
Myles GarrettWilliam Wilkerson/ESPN.comDefensive end Myles Garrett (Arlington, Texas/Martin) is ranked No. 2 in the nation at his position.
ARLINGTON, Texas -- There are guys working out at Muscle Beach on the Santa Monica Pier that might shy away from wearing a tank top around junior defensive end Myles Garrett (Arlington, Texas/Martin).

Seriously, when he flexes ever so effortlessly it looks like two wheels of cheese have replaced his bicep muscles.

“I mean, you ask him to flex and muscles pop out everywhere,” said teammate and 2013 Texas running back commitment Kyle Hicks.

Hicks recalled being blown away by Garrett’s brute strength once when he tossed around a 315-pound power clean bar like it was the Sunday paper.

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