Four Downs: The hamstring fallout 

August, 1, 2012
Each week, Sean Adams take a look at topics around Texas and college football.

1st Down: Can a program hinge on a hamstring?
Short of using the term broken and the dreaded three letters of ACL, the injury that most athletes dread is anything having to do with the hamstring. It is such a large and vital muscle to most athletic movement that it almost guarantees change because it is so difficult to play with.

David Ash’s reported hamstring strain has Longhorns fans worried. He has been given a day-to-day prognosis, but recovery for an injury like this is different for every single person based on history, position, ability to heal and stress applied to the hamstring.

I have had a dozen or more hamstring injuries and they all healed in a different way. Sometimes a hamstring strain is fine going forward with a week of adjusted workouts and daily massage and muscle treatment. I have also had hamstring strains that limited my ability to compete at a high level for up to six months.
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