Board Meeting: March 29, 2012 

March, 29, 2012
Welcome to your daily Board Meeting. Each evening we’ll update you on the day’s hottest topics on the HornsNation forum.

1. Texas unveils new practice uniforms: Nothing seems to get people talking like messing around with traditions or team uniforms. The Texas football equipment staff set the Twitter world abuzz this morning by tweeting out photos of Nike Pro Combat-inspired practice uniforms that featured black, orange and white jerseys and pants to match. Cue the retweets and calls to radio shows. And message board posts. The response has been both positive and negative.

From katzinthecradle30: "Those uniforms are awesome … Great recruiting move."
Final Verdict: Eye Toward The Future
Mike Bellotti and Charles Arbuckle debate whether Florida, Michigan, Texas or USC has the greater upside five years from now.