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60 days, 60 stats: No. 9 

July, 25, 2012
Each day, as a countdown to fall camp opening Aug. 5, we are going to provide you with a number that was important in 2011 and let you know why it will be important in 2012.

Mack Brown typically doesn't debate too long or too hard about going for it on fourth down.

OK, yeah, Missouri in 2011 was an exception. The reason for that was Texas was having an exceptionally bad day and Brown thought the defense had a better chance to score than the offense.
AUSTIN, Texas -- In the wake of the Ricky Seals-Jones decommitment, Texas coach Mack Brown let it be known he was not opposed to any of his players participating in another sport.

“… it would not be a problem at all,” he said.

Yeah, but talk is cheap. For real evidence of the coach’s stance on pick and rolls as opposed to blocking and tackling, look no further than Camrhon Hughes. The soon-to-be freshman backup offensive lineman took a severe step back in his progress by tearing up his knee playing hoops last month. OK, so maybe Hughes is not exactly on the same level as Seals-Jones when it comes to excelling at two sports.
[+] EnlargeBoone
AP Photo/Bill KostrounAaron Boone tore his ACL playing basketball and was then released by the Yankees.

But the point is, at least Brown allowed Hughes to play two sports, even if one is at a rec center not the Frank Erwin Center.

“I talked to my buddies across the country that are coaching, they want to all pull [the players] off Twitter, Facebook, not let them play basketball, not let them do this, do that,’ Brown said. “They are human beings, and they're kids.”

They are also valuable commodities. Texas spends more than $550,000 putting together a football recruiting class. In Hughes’ class of 28, that is roughly $20,000 spent on each player signed. Once the player is in school, Texas spends $42,000 per year.

That is a sizable investment even for a school with a $150 million budget. In Hughes’ case, the return on the investment has now been delayed or even possibly scuttled altogether.

Remember Ivan Williams? Brown does. The running back ruptured his patella tendon playing pickup basketball.

“It really curtailed his career,” Brown said. “He went to fullback instead of tailback after that.”

Williams played in 23 games as a freshman and sophomore before the injury and played in 15 after the injury. Still pickup basketball is a fixture in many of the players’ day. Tweets are sent out looking for players, times arranged and fun is had by all. That is until someone goes down like Hughes did.

Then the fun comes to a crashing end. In Hughes’ case all 6-foot-7, 320 pounds of it.

“I think Camrhon's dad said, ‘Medicine ball is the only ball you'll be picking up in your future,’” Brown said after the injury. “Parents usually handle (the restrictions placed on their kids.) We just tell them to be careful.”

That’s really all they can do. Despite the fact that Texas invests more than $100,000 in a four-year player’s career, these are amateur athletes. Pro athletes often have clauses in their contracts restricting them from playing pickup basketball. For example, Aaron Boone of the Yankees tore his ACL and was then cut. Chad Pennington tore his as a free agent and saw his stock go down. Terrell Suggs has vehemently denied tearing his Achilles playing hoops despite eyewitness accounts to the contrary. All of those professionals potentially have money to lose.

Hughes might too some day. But, right now, he’s just a freshman doing what most other freshmen football players do, run the court in his spare time. If Brown were to forbid the players from playing basketball, it very well could cause some strife among the team. And it could certainly be used against him in recruiting.

So for now, Texas and Brown will just have to live with the possibility that injuries might happen on the hardwood. Like he said, players are “human beings and they’re kids.”

They are all kids who are more than welcome to play two sports at Texas.

LHN Video: Mack Brown Film Room

June, 13, 2012

The Longhorn Network's Lowell Galindo and Mack go inside a crucial play from the 2011 Texas A&M game.

Four Downs: Texas will be fine 

June, 13, 2012
Each week, Sean Adams will offer up four observations about the Texas Longhorns and college football.

1st Down: Texas is fine!

Every week I do my chat, my radio show and receive e-mail after e-mail and it seems that every Texas Longhorns fan is living in fear of the 2012 season. Listen to me now, hear me tomorrow or pay the consequences this fall -- Texas is fine.

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60 days, 60 stats: No. 57 

June, 7, 2012
Each day, as a countdown to fall camp opening Aug. 2, we are going to provide you with a number that was important in 2011 and let you know why it will be important in 2012.

Inside the numbers
Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein was a runner first and a passer second in 2011.

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All over the country, college athletes will be checking into their schools in June. Coaching staffs are going to try and meld these souls together to form a team. Some players come from football families and they will know everything that can be told to them about how to manage coaching staffs, college life, build patience and have success in the transition from high school to college. Some players come to campus with a strong resolve having been shaped and molded by strong relationships with fathers, coaches and mentors. Still others will approach a college football program with a lot of football bravado but in need of help from a social and emotional perspective that their home life did not provide.

[+] EnlargeMack Brown
Brendan Maloney/US PresswireMack Brown has tried to build a staff capable of handling the diverse players that come to Texas.
Coaches have dozens of strategies on how these young men are socialized on a college campus and onto a college football team.

“Sally and I try to be an extension of the family. Then I try to hire a staff that is diverse enough that they can find a role model here,” Texas head coach Mack Brown said. “They can find Mrs. [June] Bryant, they can find Brian Davis, they can find Jeff [Madden] and they can find Bennie [Wylie]. I want a mix of white and black. I want a mix of old and young. I want a mix of confident and humble. There is someone in this building that one of them can find to be that role model that they need.”

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Chat wrap: Recruiting and going old school

May, 30, 2012
Did you miss Tuesday's chat with HornsNation's William Wilkerson? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here are some of the best bits from the chat:

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

What is the worst Texas Longhorns Football Team do you remember since they were in existance?

William Wilkerson

They were 1-8 in 1938 with Dana X. Bible at the helm. Pretty sure Carter covered that team.

Josh (Va)

Hey, Dub dub... This juco TE, is he coming this way? Going to get an offer? Wouldn't hurt to bring the exp and seperation for the new younger inexperienced TE's would it? Next C Luke, if this is the one hes been waiting for why not commitment yet? He a little salty about not getting offered sooner? Last the fella out of La whose father pretty much said hell has to freeze over before his son goes to LSU; are they looking to get him an offer?

William Wilkerson

What's good Josh. Unclear right now if Beau will get one, but I think his odds are good. Don't think Texas is sold on either Gow or Gaines and if they want another TE then Sandland might be its best option. As for Luke, I think that's probably the case. Noel Ellis will get an offer if he impresses at the June 3 camp.

Jaston (Texas)

Following up the story today about Ronald Monroe, Who do you think the better QB is in 2014 in Texas, Monroe or Jerrod Heard?I I think it is Heard because he sets his feet really well and makes good passes right on the moneey and only uses his legs when he needs to and is faster than Monroe.. Your Take???

William Wilkerson

I'd like to reserve my answer until I see more of them this fall. But if I have to give you an answer right now I'd say Heard. I really like his frame right now. Its got a lot of room to grow in the coming years. Another factor is the level of competition he is playing in. Those are high powered contests every Friday. Amd I agree with you about using his feet only when needed. That's a good sign from such a young player.

DeLoss Dodds (The Big Chair)

Should I start looking for new head coach if Rick Barnes doesn't lead the Horns basketball team to at least the Sweet 16?

William Wilkerson

So much of the NCAA Tourney, and the success teams have in it, is based on how their path to the Final Four is laid out. If Texas gets a favorable first weekend then it should have the talent, and be seasoned enough at that point in the season, to reach the second weekend. But I don't think it would be time for Barnes to go after that. My reasoning: Texas is without question the prime spot for talent in 2013. Two of the top three players in the country and four of the top nine reside within the border. Barnes, and his staffs ties within the state, are going to be key to getting at least one of them. Wouldn't be wise to move him for that reason alone because I think Keith Frazier, Julius Randle and some of those other in-state players are game-changers.

Check out the full chat wrap.
It’s not often that the Longhorns recruit outside of Texas’ borders. If they do, though, they’ll almost exclusively stay on the mainland.

But on Tuesday, Texas made contact with a four-star defensive lineman from the Aloha State. No, really.

Honalulu Monalua’s Scott Pagano, the No. 22 defensive tackle in 2013, spoke with Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz and defensive ends coach Oscar Giles for about 10 minutes over the phone.

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Bonus Q&A with Brown and Cole 

May, 29, 2012
Incoming freshmen Malcom Brown and Tim Cole had a lot to say.

In bonus coverage with their Q&A, the duo answered more about why they chose Texas.

HornsNation: When your recruiting process was winding down, most people thought you both were deciding between Texas and Texas A&M. Both schools are less than 90 miles from Brenham. You ended up making the same choice. What do you remember about that final decision?

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Chat wrap: Adams on realignment & more 

May, 21, 2012
Did you miss Sean Adams chatting with SportsNation? Don't worry, you can read what you missed.

Check out the full chat wrap.

Here's some of what was talked about:

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Browns talks about Big 12-SEC bowl game

May, 19, 2012

Texas head coach Mack Brown discusses his thoughts on the announcement of the Big 12 and SEC meeting in a postseason bowl matchup.
AUSTIN, Texas -- By now Texas usually has all its cards fanned out on the table.

It is mid-May after all. The Longhorns typically have a royal flush of recruits or something close to it by the time triple digits arrive on central Texas thermostats.

In fact, from 2007-2011, 72 percent of Texas recruits had pledged their allegiance by the end of February. This year 11, of what is expected to be a class of somewhere around 20-22, have committed.

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Here is a quick look around the college football world and the things that are affecting Texas.

1st down: Nobody knows what to think about the 2012 Longhorns
Texas was 5 – 7 in 2010 and made a turnaround to 8 – 5 with a bowl win in 2011. While Texas did not finished the 2011 season ranked, most Longhorns fans believe that Texas is on track to return to the top 10.

Even a cross-section of media polls done this spring can’t agree on where Texas should start the season:

The Big Show

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Sean Adams on Texas' QB depth

May, 7, 2012

Sean Adams from HornsNation takes a look at the state of the Texas Football program. In this video, Sean looks at what it takes to develop a successful line of succession at the quarterback position.

Chat reminder: Sean Adams, 11 a.m. CT Friday

May, 3, 2012
Sean Adams will stop by SportsNation for his weekly chat Friday at 11 a.m. CT.

As always, Sean will cover a variety of topics and talk Texas. Submit your questions here.

You can get more from Sean Adams and his co-host, former Texas QB Chance Mock, weekdays from 1-4 p.m. CT on The Horn ESPN Austin.


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