Texas A&M Aggies: Dave Wilson

Von Miller AP Photo/Jack DempseyA flag football game between Von Miller and Johnny Manziel would be entertaining.
Von Miller may be as feared as any defensive player when he's on the field, with 30 sacks in 31 career NFL games.

But off the field, he's one of the NFL's quirkiest players.

The bespectacled blitzer, a Texas A&M product, speaks glowingly about poultry science and the chicken industry, can chug Gatorade faster than you, and enjoys sack dances enough to invent his own, the "Desoto Shuffle," named after his hometown in Texas.

Playbook spoke to Miller by phone, while he was in New Orleans for the Super Bowl. As part of the festivities, EA Sports pit Miller against 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, a longtime friend also from the Dallas area.

Miller discussed "Madden," his own personal Batmobile, and if he could sack Heisman Trophy winner and fellow Aggie Johnny Manziel (whom he also ran into in New Orleans).

How did your game shake out with Crabtree?

The game was getting out of hand. I think Von was on his way to a great win yesterday. I’m trying to stay neutral on the topic because [Crabtree is] not here to defend himself.

You’ve done interviews with us in the past about your favorite games. How much do you play?

If I’m not in the locker room with the guys playing the game, I’m playing video games 24/7. If I’m not playing “Madden,” “FIFA” or “Call of Duty,” I’m probably sleeping. I’m a big-time gamer. All the guys who come over and spend time with me, they become gamers too.

What’s your favorite play to utilize as yourself?

I like to blitz, because I play with the Denver Broncos. I like to get us in [a 4-3] “under” front. It’s a good run-stopping defense. My favorite player would be an "Edge Sting." I’m sending the sam linebacker, and the weak linebacker too. I’ve got the backside A and the frontside C gaps filled, so I think it’s a great play.

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