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Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Q&A: 2015 WR Siverand talks recruiting

By Max Olson

Looking for a candidate for Texas’ next 2015 commit? Keep an eye on Kemah Siverand.

The Houston Cypress Ridge sophomore wide receiver has been talking with the Longhorns coaching staff after a recent visit and believes he’ll receive an offer this spring. If that does happen, he could rather quickly pull the trigger.

The 6-foot, 178-pound wideout broke down where things stand as his early recruitment gets started.

Kemah Siverand
Class of 2015 wideout Kemah Siverand visited Texas for its spring game and has interest from Texas A&M.
HornsNation: How does it feel to know your name is starting to get out and recruiters are already interested?

Kemah Siverand: I want to say I’m feeling pretty good about it, but I don’t want to get too big-headed. I want to stay humble about it and keep it to myself and keep working hard.

HN: Are you feeling good about where things stand right now?

Siverand: It’s kind of exciting to me. I feel pretty good about the recruiting process going on. I’ve only had two colleges really talk to me, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have more in the springtime.

HN: I know Texas has reached out and is showing more interest. Did you recently visit?

Siverand: Yeah, I went to the spring game. After my race in the [4 x 100], I went over there around 3 and they showed us around the camp. I really do like the college campus and the atmosphere around there. Everybody was pretty friendly and the coaches and players are serious about winning and doing well on and off the field.

HN: As a wide receiver, how appealing is it that Texas is trying to go with more three- and four-wide sets and becoming a faster spread offense?

Siverand: If that is the case, I’d be a perfect wide receiver for that team. If they’re throwing the ball a lot, once I start to get in a groove everything is good. I could be a pretty good receiver over there.

HN: What have the Texas coaches been telling you about their plans to potentially offer you?

Siverand: Coach [Darrell] Wyatt and Coach [Oscar] Giles already said they’re going to make it happen and there’s nothing to worry about. They just need to talk to Coach [Mack] Brown. They already showed him my film and he’s going to give me the final offer.

HN: And if they do offer you that scholarship, what happens next?

Siverand: I’m not too sure about a commitment then, but once I sit down and talk to my parents and really get a word from them and maybe visit campus more, I’ll make my decision.

HN: What’s the other school that’s been in touch with you?

Siverand: Texas A&M has talked to me. They said they’d come through in the springtime and make up their mind if they’ll offer me then. If not then, they’re going to come see me at one of my football games.

HN: You got to compete with the state’s best receivers and defensive backs at the Dallas NFTC. What did you think of that experience?

Siverand: I’ve seen those receivers do well on their tapes. I’ve done just as well as them, and going into the NFTC camp I was looking to better myself. I didn’t get a chance to show how great a player I am, I didn’t show it as much as I thought I should. I heard a few coaches say I did good, but I know I have the potential to go up against a guy like Tony Brown. We used to be on the same track team.

HN: How did your sophomore season go? Cy Ridge didn’t need to throw the ball a whole lot in 2012.

Siverand: Last season we had a star running back, Rennie Childs, and it was his goal to reach 2,000 yards. The coaches really respected him and he got a lot of carries. I started every game and finished with 244 yards and four touchdowns on 17 catches.

HN: Besides your talent, what’s one thing that makes you different from the other receivers out there?

Siverand: It may not really matter, but I work as an aerobics instructor at my job. About 20 to 30 people come every day on average. I give them workouts to do and teach classes with them. A lot of people really enjoy it. That gives me more muscle endurance, too. I see a lot of players get tired at the end of the game. With me, I’m going all four quarters.