Playoffs for the Rams? Don't count on it, L.A.

Should Jared Goff be the Rams starter in Week 1? (1:48)

ESPN Rams reporter Nick Wagoner talks about the pros and cons of starting Jared Goff from the start. (1:48)

When a team mortgages its future by trading away a pair of first-, second- and third-round picks for the services of the draft's top prospect, many will assume said player is the one missing piece needed to carry a team to the Promised Land.

Often, that's not the case.

The 2001 Atlanta Falcons were just two years removed from the Super Bowl when they traded up for the services of Michael Vick. They went 7-9 during Vick's rookie season. The 1996 Rams won six games before trading up to select Orlando Pace at No. 1 overall in April 1997. They won five games the next season. Following an 8-8 campaign in 1989, the Colts moved up to the top spot in the order to select QB Jeff George, who helped them to a 7-9 record as a rookie.

In the case of the Los Angeles Rams, trading up to first overall in April's draft to select QB Jared Goff fills only one of many voids on the roster.