Penn State Nittany Lions: Georgia State

Former Georgia State coach Bill Curry gave Anthony Midget, Penn State's new safeties coach, his first serious opportunity in college football. After spending one season as a grad assistant at his alma mater of Virginia Tech, Midget took a job as Curry's DBs coach in 2008.

Curry played 13 seasons in the NFL and also enjoyed coaching stints at Georgia Tech, Alabama and Kentucky. He worked with Midget for five seasons and promoted him to defensive coordinator last year.

NittanyNation recently spoke with Curry about Midget.

NittanyNation: Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer recommended Anthony Midget to you back in August 2008. What did he say to you that convinced you Midget was right for the job? What made you think he was right?

Bill Curry: First of all, I have enormous respect for Frank Beamer. I was part of the broadcast crew for several games that Anthony Midget played in, so I watched how he conducted himself as a leader and as a player. He was an outstanding corner on a team that played on the national championship -- and almost won it. So, obviously, he was a solid citizen for a great program on a great football team. That's a lot of the currency that qualifies someone to learn how to coach.

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