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Friday, May 24, 2013
5 Questions: 2016 QB Todd LaRocca

By Josh Moyer

Every week, NittanyNation will pose five questions to a recruit, player, alum or coach about all things Penn State.

This week's subject is Todd LaRocca, a 2016 quarterback out of Henrietta (N.Y.) Rush Henrietta who plans to attend Penn State's camp June 8. RecruitingNation named him as one of the top underclassmen at New Level Athletics' 7-on-7 Midwest Regional in March.

NittanyNation: How did you first start hearing from Penn State?

Todd LaRocca: Penn State was the first one to contact me because my coach contacted them, sent them my film, and they liked it. He sent my film to colleges I really want to go to, and Penn State was one of them.

It was like a couple days after they got my film -- he's talked to them and stuff, but I haven't really contacted them yet. I sent them my recruiting questionnaire and stuff. When I get there [for camp], they said they'll have someone talk with me.

NN: Why is PSU one of those schools you really like? What is it about Penn State?

TL: Well, growing up watching college football, I always liked the Lions and I really like their program. I love how it's near home because I don't want to go halfway across the country, so I like that. And I really just want to be a part of that team. There's other teams I want to be a part of, too, but that's one of them.

I think I started liking them in fifth grade because when I watched the games, I would always watch them with my friends -- and we'd always see how good the team is. And I just said that I wanted to play for them one day.

NN: Penn State was in the news last week regarding their medical coverage, and a lot of people are curious how that affects the mindset and opinions of recruits like you. Do you pay much attention to that kind of stuff or does that impact you much?

TL: That doesn't really affect the way I feel about a college. When I first got looked at by them, all my friends were like, 'Be careful there.' And I said I love the school, I love the football program -- so stuff like that really doesn't matter much to me because I really don't like listening to critics.

NN: You're still a long way off in your recruitment, but what makes you most want to play for PSU?

TL: I definitely do love the fans. I have a lot of people in my school that are Penn State fans and they go nuts for Penn State. They live and breathe it, and I'd love my fans to be like that. I don't want them to be, 'Oh, I'm just going to a football game.' I want them to be there and cheering.

NN: What was it like having PSU as the first school to recruit you? How did you feel when they got back to your coach so quickly?

TL: I was really excited, but I was also humbled. I know I can't automatically think I'm the best out there, so I still need to work and I still have something to work for. And I thought, this is good -- but it's not enough. I need something more.

Maybe a scholarship offer, maybe a visit from them. That's what i'm trying to work for right now. ... June 8, I just want to show them my ability and do the best I can. I want to get noticed, and I want to be known for living in New York because there's not many kids in my area that get scholarships -- and I want to get that.