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Friday, March 29, 2013
5 Questions: WR signee DaeSean Hamilton

By Josh Moyer

Every week, NittanyNation will pose five questions to a recruit, player, alum or coach about all things Penn State.

This week's subject is DaeSean Hamilton, a four-star wideout out of Stafford (Va.) Mountain View who committed in December and signed in February. He'll arrive on campus in June.

NittanyNation: I know Christian Hackenberg already has been studying the playbook, but it doesn't look like the defensive guys received one. Have you? And what has that been like?

DaeSean Hamilton
DaeSean Hamilton believes his strengths are his route running and his ability to go up and get the ball.
DaeSean Hamilton: I got the workout and the playbook, so I've been looking over that as much as I possibly could. It's just learning new concepts and looking at related stuff; it's not hard, and it's not necessarily easy either.

It's something I want to get down. And as long as I keep looking at it, it's something that'll come easy from just nature. Right now, I spend probably about 45 minutes to an hour every day looking through it all. Usually I do it before I go to bed -- and sometimes when I have free time.

NN: Are you doing anything differently right now to prepare for your college career?

DH: Well, I'm doing Penn State's workouts, and I also started doing yoga classes about four or five weeks ago. My dad, he introduced me to it. He said a lot of good players go into some type of activity to increase their balance and their flexibility, and he came up with yoga.

The other option was ballet, and I wasn't too big on that. So I chose yoga. During the football season, I was a stiff guy when we'd go out and stretch 15-20 minutes before practice. But it's like, now, I already feel stretched out. It's not really a struggle to get me warmed up. I'm warmed up already.

NN: Looking back on your decision to commit to PSU, how do you feel about it now? Do you feel any different officially being a member of the Nittany Lions?

DH: It definitely feels now like I made the right choice. I'm totally 100 percent confident I'm at the right place. I see some other schools I looked at where coaching changes were made, and some places don't have the same guys who were recruiting me. I'm glad I made the right decision.

It feels now like there's only one place to go -- and that's forward. There's no going back, and I'm happy about that. Penn State just felt like home. My family enjoyed Bill O'Brien, and he was a big factor. I think it was just the coaches, the atmosphere and the history that made Penn State right in my eyes.

NN: What are your expectations for this season, and what's your take on redshirting?

DH: Well, my expectation is to either go down there and do the best I can and earn a spot where I see playing time, game in or game out -- or, if it comes to redshirting, I won't have a problem with that. But I'm not one of those guys who goes to games and wants to sit on the bench. I want to help my team, but I'm fine with whatever. Any football player would say they want to get out there and play as soon as possible.

Right now, that's something I'm always thinking about. I'm excited to get out of school and be with my future teammates. Last year I didn't know what school I wanted to go to or I'd be up there for the spring. I just want to go out there and work hard and try to get some playing time.

NN: What are your strengths at receiver, and what do you really take pride in?

DH: I take pride in good route running. I don't like running sloppy routes, and I don't like slipping and falling like that. I take pride in catching with my hands and going up and getting it. I don't wait for the football.

I really think I can contribute a lot to Penn State as a possession receiver. I can go up and get the deep throws and make plays after the catch and stuff like that. That's what I take pride in.