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Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Q&A: 2015 CB Whitehead talks PSU

By Josh Moyer

Jordan Whitehead (Monaca, Pa./Central Valley) has started since his freshman season and the 2015 cornerback has seen a lot of early interest come his way -- including from the Nittany Lions.

He plans to make an unofficial visit April 5, and he recently talked with NittanyNation at length about his recruitment, his expectations for his PSU trip and more.

NittanyNation: So, tell me, why did you decide to schedule an unofficial visit to PSU this early in your recruitment anyway? And what's your interest level in PSU at this point?

Jordan Whitehead: They've been in contact with me a lot, so that's one of my options. I just want to see how I get along with the coaches and players, talk to their academic advisers and get to see more of their facilities.

I don't know where my interest is yet. Once I visit, I'll probably like them a little bit more after I see how it is. That's how all of my visits kind of are; I'm not sure of my interest until I see.

NN: When did PSU start recruiting you? Has it been pretty recent?

JW: It's been, like, coming a lot even before this season. It kind of started during summer practices when they came to see [2013 wideout] Robert Foster. That's when they talked to my coach and invited me to their camp. And then they liked me at their camp and have been in contact with me ever since.

NN: Why do you think they liked you so much, and how do you think you've landed on so many teams' radars this early?

JW: I think I'm a little bit taller than most corners are [at 5-11], and playing with Robert Foster brought me a lot of attention. I think that really helped. I think I'm fast; that's my strength in coverage.

At the Nike camp, I had a 4.57. I think that was a good time, but it's still not great.

NN: Quarterbacks coach Charlie Fisher is recruiting you, and defensive coordinator John Butler would be your position coach. What can you tell me about those two?

JW: I remember when I went to day camp, Coach Butler was just like a little kid. He was really energetic. Coach Fisher said we'll talk to the position coach when I get there on my visit, so I'm looking forward to it.

And Coach Fisher, he has a lot of energy. He's pretty nice. Whenever he comes around, he just seems honest. I respect him a lot.

NN: When Penn State looked at your teammate, Foster, he had to weigh PSU's sanctions. Because by the time you'd get there they'd be just about over, what are your feelings on them?

JW: Nah, that's not a big deal. I think it'd be one year for me. One year without a bowl. It'd be more of a big deal if it was four years, but it's only one year.

NN: You live right outside of Pittsburgh, so are they the early favorite? Did you grow up as a Pitt fan?

JW: Everything's up for grabs right now. And I actually grew up an Ohio State fan when I was little. I liked Terrelle Pryor growing up; Jeannette's not that far away. I have an Ohio State sweatshirt and an Ohio State blanket -- and a Pitt sweatshirt, too.

Ohio State's close, so we do have some Ohio State fans around here. So [Pitt fans] don't really say anything to me about it.

NN: You were at Pitt's junior day, but let me bring it back around to PSU. What are you most looking forward to on your visit to State College?

JW: I want to watch spring practice. I just want to see how they play and kind of get used to seeing how college practices are. I just want to get a better look at the coaches and see how good the players are. I want to see if I can compete with them and stuff like that.