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Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Q&A: Chris Godwin talks PSU, recruitment

By Josh Moyer

ESPN Watch List wideout Chris Godwin (Middletown, Del./Middletown) holds more than a dozen offers, and he appears to be the top wideout on Penn State's big board.

NittanyNation recently spoke with the receiver at length about his interest in PSU, his timetable for a commitment and his playing style.

NittanyNation: First of all, can you tell me where your interest is in Penn State? How did the junior day there go?

Chris Godwin: I am really interested in Penn State, and the junior day definitely did help. I'm not too worried about the sanctions. It doesn't bother me. I'm more looking to develop as a player. And when I went up to Penn State, we had a really good time. I got a chance to talk to Coach [Bill] O'Brien and Coach [Stan] Hixon and a few other coaches, and it seems like they really love me. I got a great feel for Penn State.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most was when Coach O'Brien was talking about the fit they're looking for Penn State. They're not just trying to get a whole bunch of different players; they want guys who can play together. And it's just how close everyone seemed; they genuinely seem to care there.

NN: Do you have a list of top schools yet -- or at least a timetable of when you might make one or commit?

CG: I'm going to try to narrow it down to a top 5 or top 6 in the early summer. As of now, I don't really have any. I want to see what else comes in and, if nothing else comes in, I'm going to go on some more visits and everything.

I want to try to commit somewhere before my season starts, like before or during my senior season so I can focus on my team -- but I'm not going to rush the process or anything. I'm just trying to take some stress off me, so I can focus on having a great season.

NN: What do you think your top schools are going to have in common? What is important to you?

CG: I think it's about good academics and the receivers coach, about building a good relationship with them. That's really big for me -- and if I feel at home and comfortable with them on and off the field.

NN: Who's been after you the longest, and who's after you the hardest right now?

CG: I think the schools that have been after me the longest are Penn State and Rutgers. The hardest has probably been Penn State, Ohio State and South Carolina, as of recently.

Penn State's one of the first schools that contacted me after my freshman year. As far as hard, they talk to me on Facebook quite frequently -- but it's not to the point where it's too much. And they come to my school a lot, and I just feel like they show me a lot of attention.

NN: Who is recruiting you from Penn State? Who have you talked to there?

CG: It's Ron Vanderlinden. He's the one who talks to me on Facebook; he seems pretty hip with the newer technologies. Coach Vanderlinden's a really good guy, and I've enjoyed the process with him.

Coach Hixon also seemed like he was really happy for me come down. He was kind of relaxed and laid back; I really appreciated the attention.

NN: Can you give me one reason why you would commit to Penn State -- and the main reason you wouldn't commit?

CG: Probably the restrictions that Penn State has, but I mean, that's really not making me want to not commit. There's really not that much [negative] to say. It'd probably just be me wanting to go to a different school. And a big reason I would -- just going out and playing for all those crazy fans.

NN: What do you feel like your strengths and weaknesses are as a wideout?

CG: I think it's just my ability to make plays. Everybody knows I don't have blazing speed -- but I have good speed and decent hands. So with a combination of that and route-running -- well, that's a pretty good combination.

There's always room to improve. I can always improve that; you can't stop improving. And I guess I'd really want to improve my footwork. I wouldn't say that's a weakness, but I guess you could say -- well, I don't want to say weakness -- but I'd really want to improve my route running. I'm good at that, but I want to get better because it's important. I pride myself on that.