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Friday, June 28, 2013
5 Questions: PSU commit Marcus Allen

By Josh Moyer

Every week, NittanyNation will pose five questions to a recruit, player, alum or coach about all things Penn State.

This week's subject is Marcus Allen, a three-star 2014 safety out of  Upper Marlboro (Md.) Wise, who committed to Penn State last month and visited PSU for Wednesday's cookout.

NittanyNation: You were one of the commits there for Wednesday's cookout. So, tell me, what was your favorite part about that whole experience?

Marcus Allen: My favorite part was just bringing all the recruits together and interacting and getting to speak to some recruits that didn't commit yet and just trying to persuade them. It made me feel right at home, like I made the right decision. I feel very comfortable with where I'm going to college.

And I was with Mark [Allen] pretty much the whole time, to be honest. He's the person I'm closest with, as far as the recruits. I had a couple other people I was really trying to get to know, too. One was Michael O'Connor -- I was talking to him -- and the other was the receiver from Delaware, Chris Godwin. They were some of the guys I was speaking to a lot.

NN: Well, one of the 'uncommitted' guys who was there was your friend over at the training center Prime Xample, Troy Vincent Jr., who committed later that day. Did you say anything to him -- and what was it like finding out he would be your future teammate?

MA: I did, but he really did it on his own, though, to be honest. He felt the way he felt, and he was talking to the coaches and everything. I kind of let him do his thing. We said our good-byes, and like two hours later -- I was in my hotel -- he texted me and said he was coming back to let them know he was committing. So I wanted to celebrate; I was pretty happy.

NN: When you get to PSU next year, you'll be with two cornerbacks from Prime Xample, Vincent Jr. and Jordan Smith. How do you feel about that, and does that surprise you at all?

MA: I like it. I do feel some pride. But I'm not really that worried about it. I like it. We got a great tradition at Penn State, and we just all wanted to bring Penn State back. We want to stick together, and I guess we just felt like a family already. So it wasn't a big surprise.

NN: You were sporting a Penn State hat at the Big 33 Game, so I see you've already got the gear down. How does it feel to be a Nittany Lion right now anyway -- and why did you pick PSU in the first place?

MA: It feels good to get the whole process over with and just be part of a good family. And the reason why I chose Penn State is because of the family and the tradition they have at Penn State. And, plus, I know people there now, and they can help me down the road, so I won't be just lazy. It's like somebody has your back already.

NN: You still have one more high school season to go before you get to PSU, so what are your goals your senior season? And then what can fans expect from you once you get to PSU?

MA: I want to make more big impact plays for my team. I want to get more picks, and I want to have more tackles and just be an outstanding player on the field and off the field. I want to get five interceptions -- and that's at least. In my two years playing varsity football, every year I had two interceptions. And I want to break that. I want more than two interceptions.

And, well, I want to bring a different flavor to Penn State. I like to think I have some type of swag, some type of confidence. So it's going to be a good outlook on my performance. They're going to see big impact plays on the defensive side and a person who loves to hit and make plays.