Changing the game: Adam Breneman 

January, 21, 2013
As part of a RecruitingNation-wide series, each team site will take a look at one key recruit who helped make a huge impact.

Whenever Adam Breneman glances at his cell phone, he's reminded why he plays.

A photo of Radio City Music Hall, where the NFL draft is held, has been saved as his background to remind him what's next. And on his iPhone's notes application, there's a growing list of about 20 goals he hopes to achieve.

He saves them there under the little notepad icon at the urging of former PSU great Kyle Brady, who did the same thing himself. Breneman doesn't shy away: Win the conference. Win a Mackey Award. Become an All-American. Play in the NFL.

Those are lofty goals for any player, but Breneman rattles them off like a grocery list. They're not some far-away destiny that could or could not happen. To Breneman, they're inevitable.

This four-star prospect would be a valuable addition to any recruiting class in any year. But Breneman's arrival, in many ways, couldn't have come at a better time.