Five keys for second half of season 

October, 11, 2012
Midway through the season, NittanyNation takes a look at the five areas on which Penn State will have to focus for continued success:

1. Shoring up the third-down defense
Ohio and Virginia's recipe for a comeback was relatively simple: Target the middle of the field, especially the safeties, and convert 85 percent of third downs in the second half. The Nittany Lions have improved greatly since then, mostly by getting pressure (see: Temple) and mixing up about a half-dozen zone-coverage schemes. But the Nittany Lions remain one of the worst third-down defenses in the country. They're ranked No. 78 in the nation by allowing first downs about 41 percent of the time, and they'll need to continually improve in this area to go 4-2 through the next six games.
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